Roy’s Story

For Roy Rivera, and his wife, Lisa, life was rocky and filled with pain, uncertainty and obstacles. Roy’s alcohol addiction and Lisa’s past as a victim of sexual abuse meant a day-to-day reality of being stuck in dangerous and destructive cycles. Roy wanted to care for his wife and help her overcome her past yet his own struggles with addiction rendered him helpless and ashamed of his choices.

They knew they needed a change and after a move to Chula Vista, they happened to visit EastLake Church and began to see a way out of their hopeless patterns. Once they took the first steps of connecting with a ministry team and a growth group they began to experience the power of God through community. And finally, placing their faith in Jesus set them on the path to life change, healing and hope for the future. As Roy celebrates one year of sobriety he says “I didn’t think I would ever feel so alive. I have friends. I have a family. I have a job. And I love myself. I love who I’ve become.”

I always said “if you take this addiction from me, I’ll be a better person,” but the day that I told the Lord: “I’m yours,” that’s when things started to change.